5 Reasons to have a Witness Dash Camera

5 Reasons to have a Witness Dash Camera

Not everything Dash Cam that looks the same, is the same, choosing a dash-cam can be a minefield. Let us try to help.. In-Car Witness Cameras, could be invaluable for those who drive as part of their job, or simply spend considerable time on the roads. No-one expects to be in any sort of accident or crash, but using a dashcam can help you prove whose fault any sort of accident was, should one ever happen. For insurance purposes, it could be invaluable. Here’s a brief look at a few of the top reasons to purchase or invest in a dashcam.


1 – They Could Net You an Insurance Discount

Some insurance companies will discount premiums for dash cam users, because they already know that anyone who has a dash cam fitted takes safety seriously, and  has a motivation to become a better driver.

2 – They could be a Crime Deterrent

A dash cam that may be always recording (some accomplish this, however, not all models do is an excellent crime deterrent because individuals will likely be unwilling to approach your car or truck when they think they are being recorded.

3 – You Have Peace of Mind

Accidents are something which no-one likes to contemplate. For those who have a dash cam it is possible to operate a vehicle more confidently, since you will be recording everything happening near you. If the accident happens, the footage could be automatically saved some dash cams can even note time and location together with saved footage to ensure you can use it for insurance purposes.

4 – They Enables you to Collect Memories

Dash cams don’t really need to be all doom and gloom. Lots of people make use of them to record scenic drives while they are on vacation or on a break to allow them to return back and take out the most interesting elements of their trip.

5 – The Authorities May Consider Them as Evidence

Depending on the way the footage is saved, and exactly how premium quality it really is the law enforcement authorities may accept dash cam footage in their investigations, so you could use it to clear your name in case you are within an accident.

If there are no independent witnesses, then often it can come down to the word of one driver over another to determine liability, which can make it very difficult to prove you are not at fault. As well as filming images of what has happened outside the car, cameras fitted in cars can also be used to continuously record driving and breaking speeds, which again can be a source of valuable evidence to show what happened in the moments before an accident and to demonstrate who is at fault.

Car insurance fraudsters often target newer, more expensive cars or cars with a more vulnerable driver, such as a young driver or a woman with young children in the car. One of the best ways to protect you and your family in the event that you are caught up in one of these insurance frauds is to install a witness camera in your car. These cameras can be quickly and easily fitted to cars to record the actions of other drivers on the road. The footage shot by these cameras can be invaluable in proving who is at fault in the event of an accident, and can provide vital evidence of the existence of a ‘Crash for Cash’ or ‘Flash for Cash’ type fraud.

Some questions on Witness Dash Cams that we get:


  1. Do dashcams lower insurance? Some insurance companies will offer a discount if you have an approved device professionally fitted.
  2. Do dashcams show speed? All quality cameras have the ability to show vehicle speed on the recorded playback.
  3. Do dashcams work when parked? Some can have a voltage sensing device fitted that allows recording when the car is switched off.
  4. Do i need GPS on dash cam? Inbuilt Global Positioning on some cameras show the vehicle position on the recordings.
  5. How long can dash cam record? They record in a loop so indefinitely however the length of the loop is determined by the SD card size. 
  6. Which dash cam is best? Witness cameras should have the highest video resolution and the price usually indicates quality.   

So which Witness camera is right for you?

Depending on what you requirements are governs which camera:

If you have a fleet of commercial vehicles it might be important for you to ensure that the driver/operator can not tamper with the device or you might need to see in real time the actual footage from the vehicle. We can accommodate all that here…

If you require full time protection of your precious car both front and rear even when parked then you need the Blackue system here...

If you just want an inexpensive front viewing camera recorder for your car then look here…

We do carry a huge range of witness dash cameras and we offer a pro fitting service (no dangling wires on our installs). We can help you to find a good installation company in your area – See Map, please contact us by email or telephone direct 01368 860800 if we can be of further help. 


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