Audison FULL DA HD

The emotions of a live performance in your car with Audison FULL DA HD. Enjoy the Next Audio Experience.

Audison launches the #nextaudioexperience campaign to explain the advantages of Full DA HD technology, which opens the door to a new era of mobile audio reproduction, providing pure digital signal transfer from the source through the processor into the amplifiers, all in Hi-Res digital format.

Hertz H8 DSP Car Audio Digital Signal Processor



Hertz H8 DSP car audio processor is capable of interfacing with any analogue and/or digital source, transforming ordinary “audio” into a high-performance integrated system. The simple and intuitive computer software ensures a wide array of adjustments to improve the acoustic response of a complex environment like the car compartment. It provides 7 signal inputs with a variety of connection options: four high-level inputs, also accepting low-level pre-amplified signals; a stereo auxiliary input and an optical digital input accepting signals at a sample rate up to 96/24 bit. The optical digital input (selectable through the DRC HE remote control and from the “Optical / AUX select” terminal) nullifies interferences and signal deterioration also by-passing the analogue signals A/D conversion stages.  Thanks to the configuration Wizard provided by the software during the set-up, the H8 DSP can automatically sum up multiple filtered channels (for instance, woofer plus tweeter), “flatten” the OEM source equalized response curve and reconstruct a centre, rear and/or subwoofer channel with a simple stereo input. By reading the test track on the CD provided, the H8 DSP recreates a full-bandwidth signal, with a flat frequency response and released after processing for an outstanding sound quality.  The H8 DSP features 8 PRE OUT analogue outputs each of them including a 31 band equalizer, a 68 step electronic crossover, Linkwitz- Riley or Butterworth filters with selectable 6 – 24 dB adjustable slopes and digital time delay functions. 

Ultra-compact power amplifiers for upgrading factory installed systems.

Both these new DPower Amplifiers are only £199.99 each: from


Hertz DPower 4

Hertz DPower 4

With all the attributes of Hertz renowned clean power, the DPower 4 makes it easy to upgrade stodgy, standard audio to something far more engaging and musical. The compact size makes the DPower 4 easy to hide away and a smart auto turn on feature reduces wiring time. The DPower 4 provides 600 Watts Max. across its four channels into 4 Ohms and each channel is equipped with 12dB/octave Hi and Lo pass filters.

Hertz DPower 1

Hertz DPower 1

DPower 1 is a compact single channel amplifier perfect for adding bass to a standard car audio system. Its compact chassis and D Class efficiency suits the tightest spaces while delivering big performance. With Smart Auto turn on and both high and low level inputs, it is quick and easy for your installer to wire in.

An optional remote subwoofer level control allows instant user adjustment on the go.



New CarAudioStuff Demo Car

We have just taken delivery of a Mini one to add to our Demonstration cars

First thing was to install a double DIN Alpine CarPlay unit. This entailed some extensive dash rebuilding since this car originally only has a singe DIN aperture. We also fitted a reversing camera and a dash witness camera.

Final job for today was to fit the Meta Tracker.

Next job is to upgrade the speakers and maybe fit a sub and amplifier.


Good Customers



Car Audio Customer satisfaction equation.

There are four types of customer that we interact with on an average day.


  1. Cautious Clara (I’ll give them names to make it fun).

Cautious Clara has never heard of us and has no idea what we can do but needs our help. Once we have demonstrated that we are not just a small local business but also part of a national body of similar specialist who are capable of taking care of any national warranty issues and show some examples of our past work over all the years we have been trading.  Clara is at ease and happy to take our advice.

  1. Dubious Danny

Danny has ideas that may be unrealistic based on his pals down the pub. Once he sees our expansive showroom displays or sits in our demo car for a few minutes’ his eyes are open to possibilities he never knew existed. Now that Danny knows what he really wants it’s just a case of helping him out with a realistic quote for the work and if necessary a flexible way to pay. Hopefully both Clara and Danny will become customer type number three.

  1. Regular Robin

Robin has been using us for years, he knows we always look after him with special offers and we are happy to subsidize our installation labour a wee bit in the knowledge that Robin is an ambassador for our business and tells all his mates about us. He is a member of our Driving Sounds Club and gets his monthly dose of Car Audio tasty bits from the magazine and newsletter. Happy days!

  1. Clever Dick

Dick knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing.  He will ask all the questions and try to get the part number for all the stuff you are (not) going to sell him because he knows how to use Google.

He might even argue that your advice is not correct and he can’t understand why your labour rates are so high. You can tell him to compare your hourly rate with the franchised dealer rate for his car and he will argue that’s because they are the main dealer. Telling him you are able to work to higher standards on every make / model of car does not impress him, he is too thick (it’s OK for me to insult him; he hasn’t read down this far “too many big words”).

You never the less go through the motions of explaining that the quote for genuine UK quality stock with the exclusive Four Master extended warranty fitted using the correct grade of ancillary equipment by dedicated professional is great value but you know what happens don’t you.

Just for you Dick I will try to keep this simple. We have created a formula based on an equation for when you return to our stores laden with the cheaper products that you need us to fit for you.

CDP = (SDQ + SDL) – (ISP ) +BT

CDP – Clever Dick Pays (This is what Dick has got to pay for our services)

SQR – Specialist Dealer  Quote (This will be a fair price quote without part numbers)

SDL – Specialist Dealer Labour (This is based on our hourly rate which is currently £60)

ISP – Internet Sellers Price (This can vary wildly from grey importers or dodgy dealers)

BT – Bother Tax (This is an arbitrary amount levied dependent on how much time wasted)  

Example 1 CDP £1200 (SDQ £1000 + SDL £200) – (ISP £0 + BT £0) Happy with our quote

Example 2  CDP £300 (SDQ £1000 + SDL £200) – (ISP £900 + BT £0) Found goods cheaper (No warranty No support)

Example 3  CDP £760 (SDQ £1000 + SDL £200) – (ISP £500 + BT £60) Found silly price (No warranty No support)

In the first example everybody is happy. Dick will benefit from the full support of the Four Master Network and product range.

In the second example Dick will pay an extra £100 to have his own stuff fitted and will also have to pay again to have it removed and re-fitted if it goes wrong and he has to send it back to wherever he got it (good luck with that).

In the third example Dick will spit the dummy and walk (oh dear what a shame).

Clara, Danny and Robin we love you, we want to keep serving you with the best service and greatest range of cutting edge products. You understand we have overheads and know we want to be here for a long time, thank you.

Dick don’t bother please!          

Which Dash Cam, Blackvue or Thinkware?

Best dash camera on the market for your car, is it the Blackvue DR650 or the Thinkware F770?

Having had both models fitted to my own car I will try to give you my unbiased opinion and maybe surprise you with the result.

We always recommended and fitted the Blackvue cameras believing them to be the best quality; certainly they have always had excellent playback quality and easy to use software however when I had my DR650 front and rear cameras fitted to my new Mercedes C class I noticed a definite drop in DAB reception.

Also after a while my new car started to tell me on the small display in the speedo that the cars battery was low. This I presumed was because on an average day I start the car at my home and stop it about five minutes later at my shop, then the same going home at night. After a few days of this the car complains that it needs a run 🙂

The Blackvue Power Magic option had been fitted and was supposed to switch the camera off after a period of being parked or when the battery voltage dropped below a set level.

The Mercedes engine start stop feature never seemed to work either and only after about three hours constant driving would the green light come on and the “stop-start “start working.

I had not connected any of this with the camera system however one day when I was on the Four Master dealers private forum I was made aware that some witness cameras could affect the cars DAB signal. Especially if the DAB antenna was built into the rear screen and the back camera was near the aerial elements.

Someone (a Four Master) suggested that Thinkware has solved this problem so I fitted the F770 front and rear camera system for appraisal.

First impression when I turned on the Thinkware Dash Cam was it certainly likes to chat a lot. It starts off by telling you how many events it has recorded while you were parked and then announces it has seen the sky and is connected to GPS satellites and after a few seconds just when you thought she had shut up it tells you it about to start continuous recording. Once you are on the highway it bings and bongs to tell you that for the speed you are doing you are too close to the car in front or if you stray over the white line road markings it bong a couple of times to alert you. Unfortunately it has no concept of whether your indicators are on or off so it bongs anyway every time you stray across the white line.

Now I’m making it sound like this is all a nuisance but you can turn any or all of the warning signals off in the settings but one you definitely don’t want to turn off is the speed camera warning sounds. Even the average speed cameras on the M8 were noticed and the cameras voice announces what type of speed trap you are near; Very good.

After a few days with the Thinkware F770 fitted to my car I noticed that the DAB reception was as good as it ever was (which isn’t great in East Lothian) but much better than before and the cars stop start is more responsive because the battery warning sign is also no longer present . This is because the power management is built into the F700 and not an add on option like the Blackvue and the voltage threshold is adjusted in the setup which can be done on your phone using the Thinkware app.


Blackvue is an excellent product and over the years we have supplied them to lots of happy customers. My own unique situation with a car that gets very short runs and DAB in a poor geographical location has brought me to the conclusion that the Thinkware product suits me better.

Feature for feature the Thinkware F770 beats the DR650 and is better value as it costs less.

I have made a short video, I hope you like it and I hope you find this article useful. Please contact me if you need any help choosing your witness dash cam.

New AHD Products from C-KO

What is AHD?

AHD (Analogue High Definition) is the latest technology for MDVR systems. Its main advantage is the ability to transmit images in HD (1080P) using 4 pin screw connections. This makes upgrading current systems to AHD far cheaper and faster. Unlike IP Cameras AHD cameras,AHD cameras transmit data that is not encoded resulting in real time transmission with no processing delays.

Different AHD formats

AHD has the following formats:

  • AHDL: AHD 0.8, works with 960H AHD cameras and traditional analogue cameras 
  • AHDM: AHD 1.0, works with 960P/720P/960H AHD cameras 
  • AHDH: AHD 2.0, works with 1080P/960P/720P/960H AHD cameras 

Main Advantages of AHD

  • Clear high resolutions images up to 1080P (720P on the DVR) 
  • Uses current infrastructure so no need to run new cables making it faster and easier to upgrade existing systems
  • Low latency, real time images. Faster than IP systems. 
  • Installation procedure remains the same so no need to learn new installation techniques.
  • Can transmit data over much further distances so less chance of image loss. 
  • Backwards compatible with standard cameras. 

Range of C-KO Products with AHD Technology

Connect up to 4 cameras with audio and video with the AHD-400-GGT. 720P resolution provides high quality recorded images for playback either via the provided software or straight from the device if connected to a monitor.






AHD Body Mount Camera

AHD 720P Body mount camera with 1/3″ 8310AHD image sensor.

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