New AHD Products from C-KO

New AHD Products from C-KO

What is AHD?

AHD (Analogue High Definition) is the latest technology for MDVR systems. Its main advantage is the ability to transmit images in HD (1080P) using 4 pin screw connections. This makes upgrading current systems to AHD far cheaper and faster. Unlike IP Cameras AHD cameras,AHD cameras transmit data that is not encoded resulting in real time transmission with no processing delays.

Different AHD formats

AHD has the following formats:

  • AHDL: AHD 0.8, works with 960H AHD cameras and traditional analogue cameras 
  • AHDM: AHD 1.0, works with 960P/720P/960H AHD cameras 
  • AHDH: AHD 2.0, works with 1080P/960P/720P/960H AHD cameras 

Main Advantages of AHD

  • Clear high resolutions images up to 1080P (720P on the DVR) 
  • Uses current infrastructure so no need to run new cables making it faster and easier to upgrade existing systems
  • Low latency, real time images. Faster than IP systems. 
  • Installation procedure remains the same so no need to learn new installation techniques.
  • Can transmit data over much further distances so less chance of image loss. 
  • Backwards compatible with standard cameras. 

Range of C-KO Products with AHD Technology

Connect up to 4 cameras with audio and video with the AHD-400-GGT. 720P resolution provides high quality recorded images for playback either via the provided software or straight from the device if connected to a monitor.






AHD Body Mount Camera

AHD 720P Body mount camera with 1/3″ 8310AHD image sensor.

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