NEW tracking system installations standard


The NEW standard in ‘insurance approved’ tracking system installations.


Meta Trak VTS is approved to meet the new Vehicle Tracking Systems criteria launched by the Thatcham Research Centre on 1st Oct 2016.


What is “Key cloning”?

Key cloning is the method by which a thief can programme a new key into the vehicle without the owner’s knowledge. This can be achieved using a low-cost programming device connected to the OBD diagnostic port of the vehicle. In some cases thieves can connect to vehicle electronics without even entering the vehicle. You may think that could never happen, but thieves are cunning, they will wait for a driver to leave their vehicle, press their remote control to lock the vehicle as usual. But, they are jamming your remote control; you think your vehicle is locked but it’s not!


In the event of the vehicle being driven WITHOUT the Driver ID Tag present e.g. with an unauthorised key, an alert will be sent to our SOC within seconds Making Key Clone theft a thing of the past Installer support 0208 867 2340 or The ‘Because the objective is detecting vehicle theft using a cloned key rather than stolen keys the ID tag can be attached the vehicle keys.


This eliminates the need for the driver to remember to carry a separate ID device as was the case with Cat 5. Which also means they avoid being contacted by the alarm receiving centre each time he/she forgets to do so.


Want even more pro-active resistance to theft using a cloned key? With Meta Trak VTS it’s possible to add a wireless starter motor immobiliser which can be set and unset remotely via the app, or automatically each time you leave your vehicle and unset each time you enter the vehicle with the ID tag. In the event a thief successfully manages to clone a key any attempt to steal the vehicle using that key will be blocked if the immobiliser is active.


Under the new Thatcham Vehicle Tracking Systems criteria, tracking solution providers are permitted to use their own in-house call centre for receiving system alerts. Meta Trak have decided to continue to use the services of a ‘National Security Inspectorate’ approved centre for the professional handling of alerts from Meta Trak VTS customers.


First year subscription included. Lower renewal cost with one and three year options Includes mobile app and online web access for instant vehicle connection Leading edge technology from lobal


Meta Trak VTS is approved to meet the new Vehicle Tracking Systems criteria



And now for something completely different

In the car Hi-Fi world the word “Revolutionary” gets bandied about a lot and in my 45 years plus in this industry I have not witnessed many revolutionary products so far.


However I may have just been surprised by something completely different!


When I first heard about digital speakers I laughed out loud, surely an analog device couldn’t be digital?


If you can convert the radio output to digital then process it and send it directly to the speakers without using Amplifiers and all the complicated wiring that goes with them you would theoretically have a lossless path from source to ear but surely this is not possible. Such a system would have the advantage of incredibly high-resolution audio playback without the need for power hungry amplifiers and wiring taking up all the space and would use much less current thus longer time on the battery.


Clarion has developed a Full Digital Sound system. The Z3 Digital sound processor married to the Z7 digital speakers and Z25W digital Subwoofer. 


The clever bit is it is so simple to install since there is no requirement for anything other than the cars standard speaker wiring and it will convert any factory standard OEM head unit into a HD digital system with all the EQ curves and time alignment taken care of by a phone app.


Control is done by a small commander unit and the main Sound processor box is small enough to hide away behind the dash.


Now for the technical bit: VLSI (very large-scale integration) is the secret behind Clarion’s new devices. Inside each speaker are six voice coils being driven by a tiny VLSI chip which take scare of Oversampling + Digital Modulation and has Multi D-Class drivers.  The current consumption is so small it is accommodated down the standard twin core speaker cable with the exception of the Sub-Woofer which has its own small wiring harness to provide fused power and the subs can be daisy chained together.


I can see applications for this in vehicles which are sensitive to power consumption and space saving like Motor homes, trucks who might park up for a few hours listening to music or even on board a small boat.


Finally something completely different to try. Another YouTube tutorial on Clarion FDS


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